AI In Biopharma

Why attendees say they wouldn't miss the Summit...

Engage in honest, collaborative conversation

  • Conversations that take place are high-value, and attendees always leave with new ideas and contacts
  • Our uniquely accomplished group of speakers stay for the duration of the event to share their experiences using AI tools & technologies and answer questions
  • The DEEP DIVE sessions facilitate honest, in-depth discusssions on specific use cases which energize collaboration

Over 60 speakers ready to share their expertise

  • From big pharma, to AI platform companies, speakers are ready to share their first-hand experience, challenges, opportunites in implementing AI
  • Hear only from companies actually applying and using AI tools and technologies through structured use case formats
  • Hear from innovative start-ups, including a variety of AI technology platform companies and potential new partners

Deep coverage of AI applications across the biopharma pipeline, with tracks focused on...

  • Research & discovery
  • Clinical development
  • Data management and RWE
  • Genomics
  • Strategy & Leadership

4 packed content tracks


Enhanced targeting, process improvement, using predictive analytics to rank and prioritize assets in the move toward more personalized medicines, collaboration models as a vital component to a fundamental commitment to R&D.


ADME Tox, Pharmacovigilance, Patient Recruitment, Adherence and Retention in Clinical Trials, Digital Therapeutics and Virtual and Hybrid Trials.


How organizations are using genomic data in specific therapeutic areas; What insights are being drawn from genomic data sets; What information is being parsed and what's useful in enabling outcomes.


For scientific and technology leaders - where the industry is headed, what is needed to move faster, how shifts in business models, organizational structure, automation, and talent management are important in driving the industry forward.

Past and current speakers

Dimitris K. Agrafiotis, PhD

Chief Information Officer

Martin Akerman

Co-founder and CTO

Aaron Aude, M.S., M.B.

National Director, Enterprise Collaboration

Centric Consulting

Janice Chang

Executive Vice President

George Church, Ph.D

Professor of Genetics, Blavatnik Institute, Harvard Medical School; Director of HMS NHGRI-Center of Excellence in Genomic Science; Director of the Personal Genome Project

Harvard Medical School

Harry Glorikian

General Partner

Mimi Huizinga, MD, MPH

VP and Head, US Oncology Medical

Anna Langhorne, Ph.D, Esq

Global Data Privacy Counsel

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Brian S. Martin

Head of AI R&D Information Research

Spyro Mousses, Ph.D

Chief Executive Officer

Systems Oncology

Niven R. Narain, Ph.D

Co-Founder, President & CEO

Ülo Palm, MD, Ph.D

Senior Vice President, Head of Digital Sciences

Andrew Radin

CEO & Co-Founder

twoXAR Pharmaceuticals

Meghan Raman

Head, R&D Data Lake and Analytics

John Reynders

Vice President, Data Science, Genomics, and Bioinformatics

Currently, drug discovery is a blind search through chemical libraries, which is not that efficient. The AI Applications Summit is an important gathering of thought leaders to discuss better options, such as generative AI models, which can potentially speed up the drug discovery process by proposing a limited amount of high promising molecules instead of thousands with unknown activities and possibly increase the drug space (finding new drug, a new mechanism of action, new chemistry).

Polina Mamoshina, Research Scientist,Pharma AI a division of Insilico Medicine

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